Tea Blends

All our teas are 100% natural and organic and of the highest quality, which we reckon makes us rock! None of our products have any of the nasty crap in them either - (ie, preservatives (yuk), laxatives (yuk yuk), or additives (triple yuk) - so you can just chill, relax and enjoy! We got ya!

With our Tea, our mantra is “Quali-Tea”! So whilst you’re Quar-an-tea-ing… enjoy some Quali-Tea time! (see what we did there?)

Our resident Tea Guru P.T Baggas, who has no qualifications other than a mouth and taste buds and is really just a Bogan from the outer suburbs of melbourne who happens to like drinking tea has this to say “  don’t know much about tea but I know what I like and this tea is sick”

So no Bulls$#T there. Just plain good taste.