About Us

We at So Not Hippie are just people that believe that to be healthy, you don’t need to be Hippie. Of course, you can be if you want to. But we’re not. We are a brand for everyone, no matter how you identify. You can be a corporate Yuppy, a Toorak Housewife, a School Teacher, a Plumber, a Cleaner, a Health Care Worker (BLOODY LEGENDS!), a member of the Rainbow community (BLOODY FABULOUS LEGENDS)! a member of the CFA (MORE BLOODY LEGENDS)! We don’t give a rats. We just know what we like.

And right now, what we like is drinking tea. Healthy teas.  Like a Modern family, a bit from here, a bit from there. Our mantra is “Be Who You Be”. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but it’s a different story with our products. Only the VERY BEST quality will do. (teas are sourced from : India, Albania, Egypt, South Korea,Sri Lanka and of course Australia!)

Our Teas

100% natural and organic and of the highest quality, which we reckon makes us rock! None of our products have any of the nasty crap in them either - (ie, preservatives (yuk), laxatives (yuk yuk), or additives (triple yuk) - so you can just chill, relax and enjoy! We got ya!

With our Tea, our mantra is “Quali-Tea”! So whilst you’re Quar-an-tea-ing… enjoy some Quali-Tea time! (see what we did there?)

Our resident Guru P.T Baggas, who has no qualifications other than a mouth and taste buds and is really just a Bogan from the outer suburbs of melbourne who happens to like drinking tea has this to say “  don’t know much about tea but I know what I like and this tea is sick”

So no Bulls$#T there. Just plain good taste.